I ​am happy to be BACK and Available for sessions again! See for details about my 'sabbatical'.

Whatever comes forth during my sessions, will be held in safe and sacred space.

You can choose various ways to be held in space with me. and to reconnect with your DIVINE multidimensional aspects of SELF. But it all comes down to the same, whether it be through touch or talk or tease.

I will stand with you, uplifting the frequency grid around and within you, holding this steady for YOU, to (re)connect with your higher intelligence/self.

Not for the expression and confirmation of your current chosen story lines running in this earth-realm, but for YOU, beyond your daily shit.

But for you to come undone, to go BEYOND your patterns ad beliefs and fears.

To dismantle your robes and masks of survival, fear, lack and shrinking away.

To CLEAR and PURIFY your body, your temple, your house of expression (all layers of it, physically, emotionally, mentally, esoterically).

To RECONNECT with all that your are (multi-dimensional).

To learn and experience to sit with yourself, ACCEPTING you as you are, allowing YOUR light to come forth and to get back online with your multidimensional grid (kundalini, nadi's, meridians, organic tree of life points, merkaba, light-body).

To be held in a space of DIVINE Pristine LOVE, to sense, to feel, to be able and dare to receive love as the purity it is. To get to KNOW love without distortions.

I invite you to BE (come) more of YOURSELF.

Connect with me. Book a session (in person in Holland or Ibiza, or online via ZOOM, Skype or WhatsApp)


HEARTSPACE cracked open at Burning Man :-)


Body Worker * Light Language

Last year I became silent (online and in the community of tantra  and bodywork) by choice and necessity. To go DEEP DEEP within. To witness my own inner world rather than the social media feeds and other peoples needs and wants for a while. 

Some call this the dark night of the soul. I actually call it the LIGHT of SOUL wanting to come forth, to FREELY SHINE without all the human aspect distortions placed upon it.

Previously accepted by me through conditioning, cultural imprinting, society programming, family constellations, e-motions, deeply ingrained patterning of survival, fear and lack, karma, soul-contracts and a whole lot more (like spells, binds, hexes, blood-covenants, genetic claims/contracts, galactic imprints, etc).

I call it EMBODIMENT. Dismantling all the old/limited to BE-come more and more of ALL that I truly AM.

I am mastering more and more each moment my own SHIT and SHIFT :-). To BE the multi-dimensional beautiful being that I am. And I am welcoming you to BECOME more of YOU. It is time.

Some share their AWAKENING and EMBODIMENT in a book, in a blog, on a website, in storytelling at gatherings or workshops as they go, if this is in their encoding. I call them way-showers and am very thankfull for their heartfelt sharing and light. 

I am encoded with other GIFTS, one of them being a SACRED SPACEHOLDER. I create and hold SAFE, sacred space for the PROCESS to unfold that needs to come forth with you, a group, a community, a place, a dimension, a grid, a timeline, whatever is presented. Another one of my GIFTS that I share is the ability to RECONNECT others with their higher dimensional aspects of self.

I am an energy healer and work with multi-dimensional healing energies to reconnect all beings to their higher light. I strongly believe in the self-healing capacities of the body / mind / self. 



These are just a format for you to make it easier to approach me :-)
I like to just sit with you and let unfold what needs to be unfolded.
Usually your first session is through one of these formats, and then we just see what unfolds next times. Most of the time people book 2 to 3 sessions, then go their own way, to return months later for another round.



Clear. Re Align. Activate

Your energy field will be cleared and re-aligned with your multi-dimensional (Higher) Self. Chakra work, removal of energy cords, traumatic imprints, artificial implants, loops and holographic inserts. This is my GIFT in New Earth. So I make this available to all, by donation.
45 min to 1h // suggested minimum donation 45 euro (non monetary exchange welcome too).



Awaken. Free. Flow

As follow up on Energy clearing, we go deeper into traumatic imprints - (hidden) unworthiness beliefs - distortions in connection to your Higher Self. This can be energy only OR in combination with BODYWORK de-armoring. Click here for more information. 

1.5 to 3 hours // Price varies from 90 euro for energy work to 280 euro including bodywork.



Re Connect. Open. Grow

First the cleansing and clearing of your personal energy fields, then I open the multidimensional grids for a firm RE-CONNECT with your multi-dimensional Self. Usually your Higher Team comes forth to establish connection and to give you the upgrades and downloads that you are ready for at this time. After this session you can re-connect with your higher self anytime, you don't need me to continue to do this. I only assist in establishing an opening/connection.
1 hour // 80 euro.



Touch. Cherish. Flow

This is one of my favorites :-)
We go with what your body asks for. Your body has it's own intelligence and it is easy for me to 'read' what your body asks for at a given time. Sometimes it is firm and strong massage to release blockages, sometimes it is Thai massage (stretching) to get more 'space' for movement, sometimes it is gentle touch with great awareness (lomi lomi or Re-connecT), sometimes just holding your hand. Anything goes and is held in safe and sacres space 1 to 1.5h // 80 to 120 euro.

Business Meeting


Talk. Re Frame. Break Through

In a series of maximum 3 sessions, I can assist you in RE-FRAMING your mental images around a repetitive thought-pattern, a trauma, a life changing situation. With the use of commotional psychology techniques this is effective in a short period of time. Usually we go for a walk in nature. But we can also sit in my practice space.
1h // 90 euro.

Wild Path


Walk. Witness. Come undone

Sometimes, all you need is a mindful presence, who has knowledge of counseling tools with an intuitive approach. A person who not only LISTENS but also HEARS you. A moment to be held in strong awareness, no matter what comes forth.
I have walks and talks with recent widows, with burned out managers, with searching teenagers, with postnatal depressed mothers and fathers, with fresh retirees. Anything goes. I hold space for your process (note, your PROCESS, not your SHITshow called daily life pretense). With beautiful nature as witness.
1h // 75 euro.

shall we dance through the cosmos.jpg

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nicolas Tesla



An insight into my treasured moments



Currently operating from Arnhem - Velp

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